Natural Orange Wine

Varietal Composition: Assyrtiko 80%, 20% Malagouzia

Region: Avdira, Thrace

Position: choirodasos, coordinates: 40.979282, 24.910891

Vineyard: biological, rain-fed, proprietary linear, area yield 4000-5000 pounds per acre

Soil: sandy hills of loose granite rocky subsoil at a depth of 70-80 m. Distance from the sea 5 km.

Climate: Mediterranean with easterly winds, winds and the temperature difference day to night is at 13-15°C

Harvest: by hand Assyrtiko 20/09     Malagouzia  20/09

Wine making: long fermentation with marcs in amphora with indigenous yeasts and matured in amphora with marc for 270 days without sulfation. There is no treatment and not filtered.

Analytical characteristics: alcoholic strength 14,3% vol, Total acidity 6,2 g / l, Total sulfur: 43 mg / l, Reducing sugars 3 g / l, PH: 3,26, Volatile acidity: 0,43

Organoleptic characteristics: rich and generous with amber color, earthy and complex with aromas of nuts such as walnuts and almonds, dried fruits, jams citrus, acacia honey, tea and spices. Gentle tannins, balanced acidity, complex and exuberant aftertaste.

Tasty combinations: Try it with seafood, raw oysters, sushi, smoked fish, roe, fatty fish, stewed red meats, lamb, sweetbreads, hunting, wild mushrooms, truffles, cheeses and sausages ripening and wine-killers materials. Enjoy it at 12-14 ° C after decanting in carafe.

Natural Orange Wine
Natural Orange Wine


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