Fine Rose

Varietal composition: Mavroudi Thrace 60%  Assyrtiko 40%

Location of vineyard: Avdira Xanthi, Thrace, Greece

Position: forest, coordinates: 40.979282 , 24.910891

Vineyard: biological, rain-fed, proprietary linear, area yield 4000-5000 pounds per acre, 5 km
from the sea.

Ground: sandy hills of loose granite rocky subsoil at a depth of 70-80 cm.

Climate: Mediterranean with East winds, warm winds and day to night temperature difference 13-15

Harvest: by hand in small baskets. Mavroudi  20-09, Asyrtiko 20-09

Vinification technique: vinification with pre fermentative kryekchilisi for a few hours,
fermentation at controlled temperature and maturation in tank on fine lees with regular stirring.

Alcohol level & characteristics: alcoholic strength: 12.5% vol,
Total acidity: 6.2 g / l, Reducing sugars: 2 g / l, PH: 3.25

Organoleptic characteristics: with color palette in light salmon with aromas of small red fruit
Strawberries, blueberries, cherries, cherry from Mavroudi Thrace .The minerality of Assyrtiko citrus and character
potential manifesting generous in the mouth with crisp acidity, complex and exuberant aftertaste.

Serving suggestions: Accompanies seafood, raw oysters, sushi, fatty fish, pasta, white meat, red
meat with light sauces, lamb, mushrooms, cheese.