Varietal composition: Limnio 100%

Location of vineyard: Avdira xanthi, Thrace, Greece

Position: Forest, coordinates:  40.996598,  24.998111

Vineyard: Organic, self-owned and able to produce 4000-5000 kilos per acre.

Ground: Sandy hills with 5 kilometers distance from the sea

Climate: Mediterranean with East winds, warm winds and day to night temperature difference 13-15 Celcius

Harvest : by hand in small baskets  

Vinification technique: pre-humidification and fermentation in domestic yeast at controlled temperature. Maturation with fine mud for 12 months in oak barells. It is not filtered and does not undergo any treatment before bottling. 

Alcohol level & characteristics: alcoholic strength::14,5 %  vol, Total acidity: 5,5 g/l,  Total sulfite: 68 mg/l, Reducing sugars: 1,5  g/l,  PH: 3,42

Organoleptic characteristics: medium permeable ruby, intricate bouquet, earthy with elegant skin note and dark rock. Flowering, ripe red and black fruit, sweet spices. Gentle tannins, balanced acidity, complex and exuberant aftertaste.

Serving suggestions: White and red meat. hunting, wild mushrooms, cheeses and cured meats. Enjoy it after decanting