Our Products

Avdira City, Xanthi. It is it’s dry hills, it’s sandy terrain and it’s favorable winds that contribute desicively in creating high-quality products.

The northest seaside vineyard in Greece

Maturation in oaken barrels

Our wine matures inside of oaken barrels placed in special cellars. Grape quality meets the aftertaste given by the oak to conduce the unique savory experience that the Anatolikos Vineyard creates.

Certified Biological Vineyard

With the conviction that an attuned to the environment product can aquire optimum quality we created Anatolikos Vineyard, manufacturing certified biological products of unique flavorful quality since 2010.

Quality Check

A product’s quality takes many stages to complete. Thus, we supervise all of the manufacturing process, distillation και bottling of our products, in order for our wine to be given the way it exactly supposed to be given and set in the customer’s table .