Pollios Oinos

Varietal Composition: Mavroudi Thrace 50% Assyrtiko 40%, Moschato  10%

Region: Avdira, Thrace

Position: choirodasos, coordinates: 40.979282, 24.910891

Vineyard: biological, rain-fed,  linear owned,  yield 4000-5000 kilos per acre , 5 km from the sea.

Soil: sandy hills of loose granite rocky subsoil at a depth of 70-80 cm.

Climate: Mediterranean with easterly winds, winds and the temperature difference day to night is at 13-15°C

Harvest: by hand into small crates Mavroudi Thrace 25/08, Assyrtiko 25/8, 25/8 Muscat

Wine making: sun-dried for 15 to 17 days long fermentation in amphora for 100 days with indigenous yeasts and matured for 36 months in small barrels without sulfation. There is no treatment and not filtered.

Analytical characteristics: alcoholic strength: 12,5% vol, Total acidity (tartaric acid): 6,5 g / l, volatile acid (acetic acid) 0,6g / l, Total sulfur: 30 mg / l, Reducing sugars: 235 g / l , PH: 3,1.

Organoleptic characteristics: rich and generous black and thin Grenot meniscus, earth wet granite and carbon complex with raisin aromas, dried fruit figs and plum jam from cherry and sour cherry, pine honey, sweet walnut, carob, tobacco and spices cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, cedar . Mouth full, balanced sweetness, excellent structure and acidity. Large, complex and exuberant aftertaste.

Tasty combinations: Strong cheese, foie gras and dried fruit desserts with chocolate. Enjoy it at 10 ° C. Open to long aging.